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Extrajudicial domain name disputes

Working languages

Please note that the language of the proceedings may depend on several factors, including the legislation governing the top-level domain name, the applicable rules and the language of the concerned website. These questions are discussed during the preliminary matter assessment.

Preliminary matter assessmentFees (USD)
Preliminary matter assessment250 USD

A preliminary matter assessment aims to determine the facts of the case, to assess the chances of success and to define the most appropriate strategy. This first discussion also makes it possible to rule out any conflict of interest.

Number of domain namesFees (USD)
1 to 51000
6 to 101500
11 to 152000
More than 153000

Each trademark is unique: drafting a complaint involves acquiring knowledge about the brand (its history and geographical scope). Each case is different: the success of a complaint depends on the research and the appropriate use of legal arguments specific to the case concerned.

EnforcementFees (USD)
Enforcement of the decision250 USD

These costs include contingencies, including negotiating with the opposing party to obtain the transfer of the domain name before the panel renders a decision, any additional submissions and the processing of arguments from the opposing party.

However, these fees do not include those of the dispute resolution service provider. To consult the prices of these service providers, please refer to the data below.

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