IP in Movies: the list

As Jean-Luc Godard said, “Every film is the result of the society that produced it”. Cinema is a mirror of society. When the art of motion picture makes direct or indirect reference to a diversity of intellectual property (IP) issues — such as access to knowledge and social justice, freedom of creation and freedom of enterprise, counterfeiting or infringement, negotiation and settlement agreement —, this ascertains that IP has become tremendously important in our societies.

2010The Social NetworkDavid FincherCopyrightRead more
IP in Movies - Poster - Extraordinary Measures2010Extraordinary MeasuresTom VaughanPatentsRead more
2004 Narco2004NarcoTristan Aurouet et Gilles LelloucheCopyright
2010 Nous trois2010Nous troisRenaud BertrandPatents
2010 the ghostwriter2010The Ghost WriterRoman PolanskiCopyright
2011 Anonymous2011AnonymousRoland EmmerichCopyright
2010 Sans laisser de traces (2)2010Sans laisser de tracesGrégoire VigneronPatents
2013 Jobs (3)2013JobsJoshua Michael SternCopyright
2014 big_eyes2014Big EyesTim BurtonCopyrightRead more
Joy2015JoyDavid O. RussellPatents
IP in Movies - Poster - Bienvenue à bord2011Bienvenue à bordÉric LavaineTrademarks and designs
ip-in-movie-Architecture_101_film_poster2012Architecture 101 / 건축학개론Lee Yong-Joo (이용주 감독님)TrademarksRead more
2012 The Words2012The WordsBrian Klugman Lee SternthalCopyright
Secret Window2004Secret WindowDavid KoeppCopyright
IP in Movies - Poster - The Hummingbird Project2019The Hummingbird ProjectKim NguyenPatents
IP in Movies - Poster - Flash of genius2008Flash of GeniusMarc AbrahamPatents
paycheck2003PaycheckJohn WooPatents
IP in Movies - Poster - Dilili à Paris2018Dilili à ParisMichel OcelotCopyright
IP in movies - Poster - Balzac1999BalzacJosée DayanCopyright
IPinMovie-2019-thedirt2019The DirtJeff TremaineCopyright
IP in movies - Poster - American Gangster2007American GangsterRidley ScottTrademark
IP in Movies - Poster - Da Vinci Code2006Da Vinci CodeRon HowardTrademark